it’s all spin­ning out of control

-- July 5th, 2008 --
pork belly

Where on earth to begin?! I knew the last two weeks of school would be insane, but the real­ity was so much more out of con­trol than I could ever have guessed by look­ing at my scary to-do list. Let’s see, my mother in law arrived on Mon­day to kick off the fes­tiv­i­ties, and imme­di­ately found her­self sucked into the miasma that is “our daugh­ter is grad­u­at­ing to mid­dle school, we’re leav­ing for Amer­ica in two weeks and my hus­band just got a job.” I real­ize that I could write an entire blog post on the com­pli­ca­tions of any one of these lit­tle details, but such is life that I will barely be able to touch on them all, just to have a record of our lives, and then I’ll have to move on to the next bit of insan­ity. First off I must tell you of my very suc­cess­ful first time cook­ing “pork belly,” an inaus­pi­ciously named ingre­di­ent that results, nev­er­the­less, in the glo­ri­ous dish of what is essen­tially bone­less pork ribs. Try it: it costs next to noth­ing and cooks itself. And it’s RICH, as you can see.