bridg­ing the old and new

-- November 14th, 2015 --
river evening view

I can’t remem­ber a busier two weeks than the last two have been.  It’s a bit of a relief to have Sat­ur­day come, a Sat­ur­day with no plans, such a con­trast with my Barnes Sat­ur­days that always involved at least a long morn­ing bell-ringing prac­tice, and a visit to the farmer’s mar­ket.  This Sat­ur­day means stay­ing home and watch­ing the rain pour down our enor­mous win­dows, watch­ing the traf­fic and tourists go by, feel­ing lucky to be inside.  Yes­ter­day I fell vic­tim to a mas­sive hail­storm with a badly func­tion­ing umbrella and bare ankles.  Not a happy memory.

rainy window

Some­day, when Avery is home to trans­late the Latin inscrip­tion, we’ll have to find out who this fel­low is down below.

rainy statue

Hav­ing lived with him stand­ing stal­wart on his pedestal for nearly three weeks now, it’s amaz­ing that it wasn’t until yesterday’s windy hail­storm that I noticed his cloth­ing MOVES.  So does his head!  What on earth are they made of.?  I’ll let you know, when I find out.

We are begin­ning to emerge from the first days of insan­ity that is house-moving — unpack­ing boxes, set­tling in, decid­ing where to hang pic­tures, where to store razor blades, cat lit­ter, suit­cases, shoe pol­ish, socks, spices and cut­lery.  In fact, one of the fun­ni­est parts of the whole process this time around involves those last two items.  On the first night of mov­ing in, I installed the cut­lery and knives in two draw­ers behind a kitchen cab­i­net door, and all my spices in the top two draw­ers that looked the most acces­si­ble.  Instantly this was expe­ri­enced as a mistake.

neo spices

I can’t stand hav­ing to open a door, in order to open a drawer, in order to get a fork,” John com­plained, and I agreed.  So early one morn­ing not more than three days in the new place, he switched them around: spices to cut­lery.  And now nei­ther of us can man­age to get a fork with­out first open­ing the now-spices drawer.  How did our brains man­age to absorb this one piece of infor­ma­tion so firmly in about 36 hours?  I fore­see that on the day we move out, we’ll still be look­ing for the cel­ery salt where the spoons have been for three years.


Of course some­thing had to give, so on the morn­ing I had planned to go to my beloved “Spirit of Christ­mas” Fair with Sue, as we go every year to start our hol­i­day shop­ping, I got sick.  I strug­gled to get there to meet her, and because she is such a good friend, I con­fessed that I felt absolutely awful.

Let’s have some­thing to eat, and just chat, and see how you…