fam­ily summer

-- August 26th, 2014 --
balloon floating

It’s our last Tues­day morn­ing at Red Gate Farm and all our guests have departed.  Even our child has departed.  The air is still and warm and I should prob­a­bly pop up to find some­thing for lunch, but it’s just too peace­ful to move.

A far cry from the crazy round of activ­ity and cel­e­bra­tion that’s been the scene for the last two weeks!

 It never seems quite like sum­mer until John’s mom arrives, and she did, to kick off the August mania.  Her first evening was the last quiet moment for days on end, it seemed.

nonna's arrivalOddly, for Con­necti­cut in August, it’s been cool in the morn­ings and evenings, requir­ing every­one to snug­gle into cardi­gans and throws.  But the days have been intensely lovely, with unbe­liev­able blue skies and puffy clouds.  The farmer’s mar­ket soaks it all up.

farmer's market 2014We have eaten an incred­i­ble num­ber of ears of corn on the cob, of juicy toma­toes driz­zled with the spe­cial Tus­can Herb olive oil from the mar­ket.  And for an after­noon treat, why not sam­ple one of dear Kate’s home­made straw­berry muffins?  Only 50 cents, right here in San­ford Road.

kate's muffinsThey are still warm from the oven,” Kate assures me in her quiet way.  Irre­sistible, even to this mil­i­tary gen­tle­man cruis­ing along the road.  “I’m off to South Korea tomor­row.  Happy to sup­port small local busi­nesses,” he says with a grin.

kate's military muffins

And yes, before you tell me, I know the fence looks just awful.  It’s a fact of Red Gate Farm that every­thing is falling down; it’s just a ques­tion of what’s falling down fastest, and there­fore gets the quick­est atten­tion.  The fence has been col­laps­ing by degrees for the last decade, and I sup­pose it can go awhile longer.  John applied some elbow grease and bub­ble gum to the gate, at least.

fixing gate

Avery has had what can be called only “The Com­mut­ing Sum­mer,” mak­ing her way from New Jer­sey every morn­ing to spend the day in New York, either at her AIDS char­ity or at her intern­ship with our his­to­rian friend Anne Nel­son.  And then of course she needs to get up here to Con­necti­cut for the occa­sional moment of leisure, like dear Cici’s grad­u­a­tion party in Mys­tic.  We motored there one lovely Fri­day evening.  These two girls never change.

avery cici1From their first days together as babies, they’ve made each other laugh.  This glo­ri­ous sum­mer evening was no different.

avery cici2We rem­i­nisced with Cici’s par­ents and her friend Emily’s fam­ily — they were…