an autumn to remember

-- November 25th, 2014 --
colour proofs

How neglect­ful I have been of my pre­cious blog!

Believe me, I have cause.  Let me explain.

I feel that my feet have not touched the ground in three months.  Since late August, when the heat really turned up under the cook­book — the COOK­BOOK! — I’ve been full-steam ahead get­ting it ready.  It all began with the graphic design, with my beloved Briony of Bournemouth, a long process toward perfection.


The job pro­ceeded through a fog of admin: I’ve become the proud owner of an ISBN, and an importers’ license in both the US and the UK.  I’ve learned to com­pile an index (that one was nearly the death of me).

index journey

I’ve approved the colour proofs, as you see above (THAT was an excit­ing day!) and seen the thrilling end of our Kick­starter campaign.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 15.51.38

Very soon, yet another mile­stone will be achieved: the “ebook” will be uploaded to var­i­ous sites as a phe­nom­e­non to be read on Kin­dles, iPads and phones, believe it or not!  Tomor­row I’ll approve the cover, which will be ter­ri­bly excit­ing, with its biogra­phies, pho­tographs and blurbs.  It will feel very real, at that point.

And then it’s a wait­ing game.  The hol­i­days will come and we will set­tle our­selves com­fort­ably in the win­ter won­der­land of Red Gate Farm.  We will all put the book out of minds, as best we can, to wait for its arrival in Jan­u­ary.  A real book, to hold in our hands.

When­ever I have felt vaguely, usu­ally very late at night, that I just can’t learn another thing, accom­plish another thing, I have been given a gift of some kind, of encour­age­ment from my read­ers.  I have per­mis­sion from one reader to share with you her feel­ings about the book.

“So many things have hap­pened since I first caught sight of your blog (way back in 2007). Numer­ous jobs, count­less flats and… oh, I wasn’t even mar­ried back then! I can hon­estly say that there aren’t many blogs I’ve fol­lowed for so long. But some­how, I always come back to yours — it’s like the solid ingre­di­ent amongst all the mov­ing parts of life. You have a way of writ­ing that draws peo­ple in. And ‘wow’ to all your recipes, includ­ing one lamb recipe from long ago that even my (now) hus­band can’t forget.

When I men­tioned I funded a kick­starter cam­paign to get a cook­book, he knew straight away that it must have been writ­ten by “the lady with that blog that had the lamb recipe”. I haven’t cooked that dish for years! It obvi­ously made an impact!

Like many back­ers, I look for­ward to receiv­ing the cookbook…”

But because…