the end of our Lon­don Christ­mas season

-- December 17th, 2014 --
lovely ornaments

It’s hard to believe that this time tomor­row, we’ll be approach­ing JFK and the Red Gate Farm part of our Christ­mas celebrations!

Life has been an absolute, unmit­i­gated mad­house for our fam­ily in the last sev­eral weeks.  It seems as if every pos­si­ble “fast-forward” on every remote con­trol in the world has been pushed.

Avery has sur­vived, even thrived, dur­ing her uni­ver­sity appli­ca­tion process.  She’s endured and even enjoyed her inter­views, and has retained her sense of humor, if not entirely her energy level.  She NEEDS a break, plenty of days to sleep and remem­ber to enjoy life.

John’s tri­umphed in his plans to acquire the per­fect plot of land to build our dream home, out­last­ing the most cir­cuitous of coun­cil plan­ners.  2015 will bring build­ing drawings!

I’ve rung my last Eng­lish bell of 2014, at a lovely wed­ding.  Who could have dreamed, nearly four years ago when I first pulled a rope, that I would be able to be part of someone’s most impor­tant day?

wedding petals We’ve taken a deep breath and dec­o­rated for Christ­mas.  What could be more beau­ti­ful, and uplift­ing? lovely ornaments2       Every year, the old orna­ments take me back to my child­hood.  How kind of my mother to take apart my baby crib’s mobile to give me this beauty? baby ornament garlicWhat could be more evoca­tive than gar­lic, to get your hol­i­day gas­tro­nomic juices flow­ing? Christ­mas in Lon­don wouldn’t be Christ­mas with­out the skat­ing rink, of course… skater boy I’ve been able to relax for a few days with the cook­book project, to cre­ate a cou­ple of fan­tas­tic new dishes!  Tiny, tiny squashes to cook with a creamy, gar­licky, Parme­san sauce and sur­round with sauteed scal­lops and girolle mush­rooms? johnny be quick And one tired evening with a pizza ordered in made us all frown in dis­ap­point­ment, and for me to retreat to the kitchen to invent a pizza with — instead of a tomato sauce — a creamy truf­fled sauce inspired by the squash dish!  You can put ANY­THING on this pizza, but be sure to make the crust with the lovely, smoky water infused with the dried truf­fles. truffle pizza John has come up with the ulti­mate Christ­mas gift for Avery and me.  Blessed as we are with unusual fig­ures — each in our own way! — it’s incred­i­bly dif­fi­cult to find shirts that fit prop­erly!  Shoul­ders big enough for me will result in a shirt that bil­lows.  Not any­more.  John’s suit­maker from bank­ing days gone by has come around to mea­sure us for shirts that will really FIT.  And for no more cost than the Gap, if you can imag­ine.  I just can’t wait. No Comments | Read More