an autumn to remember

-- November 25th, 2014 --
colour proofs

How neglect­ful I have been of my pre­cious blog!

Believe me, I have cause.  Let me explain.

I feel that my feet have not touched the ground in three months.  Since late August, when the heat really turned up under the cook­book — the COOK­BOOK! — I’ve been full-steam ahead get­ting it ready.  It all began with the graphic design, with my beloved Briony of Bournemouth, a long process toward perfection.


The job pro­ceeded through a fog of admin: I’ve become the proud owner of an ISBN, and an importers’ license in both the US and the UK.  I’ve learned to com­pile an index (that one was nearly the death of me).

index journey

I’ve approved the colour proofs, as you see above (THAT was an excit­ing day!) and seen the thrilling end of our Kick­starter campaign.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 15.51.38

Very soon, yet another mile­stone will be achieved: the “ebook” will be uploaded to var­i­ous sites as a phenomenon…