wind­ing down the longest month

-- January 28th, 2016 --
evening st paul's

This ever­last­ing month of Jan­u­ary!  It feels so much longer than other months, a month to get through, full of solv­ing innu­mer­able small prob­lems, a month that, at the end, leaves me feel­ing a bit as if I’m just one month older with­out much to show for it.

It’s a month in which you mea­sure how windy it is, in your tall metal home, by feel­ing the bed jig­gle under you, or watch­ing the water jig­gle in your drink­ing glass, or lis­ten­ing to the build­ing squeak and creak.

windy neo

The build­ing really sways back and forth.  And the rain just keeps com­ing down.

january rainy window

Nat­u­rally, after Christ­mas, Jan­u­ary is also spent unsub­scrib­ing from all the places from which I bought Christ­mas presents, who now bom­bard me daily with spe­cial offers I just can­not live with­out.  Except that I can.

I bet you know exactly what I mean.

The best thing to do is to bun­dle up and get out of the house, see what secrets my new neigh­bor­hood can give up, to keep me cheer­ful.  It doesn’t get much bet­ter than com­ing upon a kitty…