of Easter bun­nies and roasted rab­bits, bells and boats

-- April 13th, 2015 --
reflected stained glass

Isn’t this a mys­te­ri­ous image?  Every after­noon, slightly ear­lier every day now as the days get longer, this design floats across the wall in our front hall­way, reflected from the stained glass win­dow in the front door.  A lit­tle bit of acci­den­tal magic, every day.

No one appre­ci­ates the spring sun more than Tacy.

tacy sun

Except per­haps for Keechie.

keechie sun

I have a con­fes­sion to make, one which would make my daugh­ter sever all ties with me if she knew: I really like exam sea­son, hers, that is.  And since this is our last one, I’ll explain why: she’s home all the time, which as flying-the-nest fast approaches, is a very lux­u­ri­ous thing.  Although I’m really not meant to dis­tract her, it’s fright­fully easy when she’s sit­ting with her piles of books just to men­tion some­thing I wanted to ask her, her opin­ion about some­thing, what she’d like for din­ner.  And she’s right there.  Very pleasant.

Mind you, not so much for her.

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