Kick­starter is nearly com­plete, and what a smash­ing success!

-- November 1st, 2014 --
avery me tower

What a whirl­wind the last three weeks has been!  “Tonight at 7.30: One Family’s Life at the Table” is ever nearer reality.

Thanks to YOU all, with five days to go, we are very nearly at 140% of our goal, which means Kick­starter has been un unbe­liev­able suc­cess.  Over 200 back­ers from every cor­ner of the globe, over 500 books spo­ken for!  Pop on over to the page to order yours, if you have had it on that list of things to do and just haven’t got­ten around to it.

We are just hours away from choos­ing our printer, which means that the books will appear some­where between 8–9 weeks from now.  It will be an unbe­liev­able thrill to hold the books in our hands.

Mean­while, look what appeared in the post here in our Lon­don home this week!


My dar­ling niece Jane is famous for not recog­nis­ing me once when she came to Red Gate Farm because I was NOT wear­ing an apron!  It’s a com­plete thrill to see this one, but I’m not going to put it on until the book has gone to the printer.  I just don’t quite believe…