going home again

-- August 1st, 2015 --
NYC night

I’m in yet another air­port.  Headed home.

Where IS home?

I’ll explain.

Two weeks ago I left Lon­don — home — to begin my Amer­i­can Sum­mer 2015 road trip, only the road trip was in the air.  Lon­don, Detroit, Indi­anapo­lis, Detroit, Cedar Rapids, Detroit, JFK.  All places that take me home, really (except for Detroit, which I’m sorry to say must be home to some­body but to me it’s an air­port, pure and simple).

I’ll tell you all this in lov­ing detail when I’m safely in Lon­don, but suf­fice to say that Indi­ana was superb…

mom mary wayne kenny

I spent time with so many peo­ple I love.

amy me

And then I went to Iowa, a place truly beloved to me, filled with bril­liant people.

nonna me

Of course Red Gate Farm is “home.”

evening view

And so are other other impor­tant bits of Connecticut.

CT girls 2015

There were dear friends.

kate apron

New York City.  Need I say…