back to real life, which will never be the same

-- September 14th, 2014 --
avery jeanne bw

Impos­si­bly, we’ve been back in our Lon­don lives for two weeks.  Thrown in at the deep end, it’s been about unpack­ing, first, with the help of our kit­ties.  They missed us, I think.

hermie welcome2Avery’s been hard at work at school, see­ing her sum­mer exam results in con­text, plan­ning for the busy year ahead.  I’ve been at Lost Property.

last first LP

We’ve had the first Par­ents Guild meet­ing, I’ve reunited with the Home-Start infants, now crawl­ing, “like bee­tles,” their mum says, laugh­ing.  And of course I’ve been ring­ing.  The putto at Chiswick, sur­vey­ing us from on high in the ring­ing cham­ber, does not change.

chiswick puttoWe’ve been cook­ing, for our­selves and for the Lost Prop­erty lunch.  Those ladies form such a beloved part of my life; I can’t bear to think of this time next year when my rela­tion­ship with the school will be over.  Must enjoy every bit of life right now.

lp ladies 2014The food stakes just get higher and higher,…