the last fran­tic weeks, and REWARD!

-- February 22nd, 2015 --
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We all know that life is a roller coaster.  Some­times on the down­ward bits of the ride, we’d like to get off, say­ing, “Actu­ally, this sort of up and down expe­ri­ence doesn’t suit me.  I’ll go for the bumper cars instead, as I’m quite able to han­dle hard knocks.  It’s the ups and downs I can’t deal with.”  But life doesn’t give us the option to change rides in the mid­dle of the fair.

What life does do, how­ever, is give us, every once in awhile, a mas­sive upward tra­jec­tory, and a chance to hover at the top of the track, with a heady sense of oxy­gen and a clear view of every­thing below: where we’ve been, how high we had to climb to get where we are now.

The last few weeks have seen me all over the damn ride.  But I’m on a def­i­nite high now, with my beloved “Tonight at 7.30″ get­ting glow­ing reviews on both Ama­zon US and Ama­zon UK.  Life doesn’t get much hap­pier than that.

But let’s go back­wards, through this mad month of mine.  You def­i­nitely need a bit of a glimpse of last week’s half-term “holiday.”

How long has it been since you…