last Lon­don sum­mer adventures

-- July 28th, 2014 --

My, it’s hot.  Although Lon­don­ers always express amaze­ment what­ever the weather, it really is amaz­ingly hot.  We’ve dragged our sprin­kler from the base­ment to try to alle­vi­ate the dry­ness.  The smell of wet grass evokes lovely child­hood Indi­ana mem­o­ries of my dad water­ing the tomato gar­den, and kindly turn­ing the water on the grass for a bit so we could race through it.  Wet grass is universal.

Tacy doesn’t mind the heat.

tacy sunny

The day has finally arrived: Avery is com­ing home from Rus­sia this evening, our bags are packed, pass­ports sorted, cat dishes full, and tomor­row we leave for Connecticut!


It’s been a funny time here in Lon­don, with every­one I nor­mally see dur­ing the year say­ing in a puz­zled way, “Aren’t you usu­ally gone by now?”  I’ve spent an extra month with my Home-Start fam­ily, watch­ing the babies grow almost vis­i­bly on our weekly vis­its.  I’ve never spent this much time with small babies since Avery was one, and it’s incred­i­ble to see them acquir­ing new skills — track­ing a pass­ing train with their eyes, hold­ing their own bottles…