Any­one for Pimms?

-- June 27th, 2009 --

Well, the time is approach­ing to say good­bye to our Lon­don life for the sum­mer. I walked Avery this morn­ing up the street to meet a friend, chat­ting cheer­fully all the way about get­ting to the pool in Con­necti­cut, see­ing our old friends, babies grown sud­denly into lit­tle peo­ple, set­tling into the vaca­tion rou­tine. But once I’d left her and come back on my own, I could only think of all the things I will miss about London!

Part of this feel­ing is my love for our neigh­bor­hood, and how we’ve set­tled in like a stone in its set­ting. On my walk home I passed the house where a lit­tle group of elderly peo­ple sit on hard chairs in the front win­dow, play­ing clas­si­cal music on a whole vari­ety of instru­ments, some sort of tiny cham­ber orches­tra, the sounds spilling out the open win­dow onto the pave­ment. Then I passed the gar­den where a lady grows rhubarb, squashes and toma­toes, with her children’s toy farm ani­mals care­fully posi­tioned among the plants! There is my beloved friend Annie’s lit­tle vin­tage car, which makes me think of her and how we’ll all miss each other over the…